Monday, September 28, 2009

Dinner 9/28

Dinner tonight, luckluster.

Get Again:
-Popcorn Shrimp, perfectly crunchy, and not too shrimpy in flavor (if that makes any sense). Nellie made a DIY caesar salad and threw those babies on top, DO ITTTTTTT
-Stuffing, Sal says it was a bit mushy but still good. It could have used some more crispiness but it's worth a scoop of.

-Grilled Apple and Ham Panini, this sandwich has potential to be awesome, but really, what's with the cinnamon raisin bread? That was a little too much to handle. The ham, apple, mustard, and cheese worked really well together, if only it was on wheat.
-Sweet Potatoes, they weren't as good as they normally are; they were left unfinished on the plate due to dryness.

A side-note: Where is the Red Velvet Cake?!? The website got our hopes up and then nothing. Not cool.

Song of the post: The Compromise by The Format

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