Saturday, September 19, 2009

Call off the searchparty! We've found the hipsters-

I'd(Nellie) like to officially welcome Sunshine as a guest judge for today's dose of culinary critique. We confess we didn't eat at Northwest, sue us, we couldn't resist the draw of testing out Whitney's locally grown cuisine. Although it had a limited selection, what it had was quite satisfying. What stole the show however was the atmosphere.

The diners of Whitney were unlike any UConn student's we've seen. The girls looked straight out of a thrift store, with effortless vintage style. You could taste the intelligent conversation in the air. At one table a guy nodded his head to the beat of the song his ducttaped headfones was playing as he spooned organic soup in his mouth, at another table a girl was munching on some carrots whilst reading a book that appeared to have had much use. The walls were adorned with heartwarming quotes about food and enviornment, the perfect snapshot into the style of dining that Whitney offers.

And now to the feature attraction, the food rating:

Get Agains:
-The Cucumber Water, perfectly brewed claims Sunshine. Although skeptical at first to a juiced vegetable this soda alternative maintained a perfect balance between bitter and sweet, simply refreshing.
-Organic Peanut Butter Cookies, Sunshine had five if that is any indication of their deliciousness. Perfectly chewy, and the peanut added a welcome crunch; throw some vanilla ice-cream on that baby and you're in heaven.

-Pork Fajita, The pork itself was tough and inspired several an awkward 'I can't bite through this peice of meat and it's making a bridge from the tortilla to my teeth' moment. The flavors were alright but it could of used some more peppers and onions. Come on UConn, we can handle the heat!
-Organic White Rice, the epitome of the Mehhh category. Wasn't exceptional, wasn't memorable, it's rice.

Skip it:
-Peaches, Oh dear lord I've never been harmed by a fruit before. These were guileful fruit, appearing to be ripe and wonderful but in actuality broke your teeth and violated your gums. Save yourself the trouble and grab a banana instead
-Celery, Nellie ate the most bizarre piece of celery in the history of the world. I don't know if this is even possible but it was like they soaked it in cinnamon water or something beforehand. It was puzzling and disturbing.

Don't let this seemingly innocent peach deceive you, it's out for blood.

We promise to return to Northwest tomorrow!!
Stay Classy.

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