Friday, September 18, 2009

**Cheated, went to South for Lunch 9/18

          Okay, so today we treated ourselves and went to South, sorry. Anywhoo while we were there we had lots of wonderful food, so much so, the walk back was a little rough.

Get Again:
-Kielbasa, Sally says the sauce was orgasmic. For those of you who have no idea what this is (Nellie for one) it's a polish sausage which they served in a tangy, savory sauce. Almost barbecuey but really sweet and delicious. Go back for seconds worthy.
-The Beef and Pepperjack Sandwich: AMAZING. It made me(Nellie) happy to be alive. Here's the lowdown it's Roast Beef, Pepperjack Cheese, and Tomato all melted together between crispy bread. A truly beautiful sandwich
-Southwest's Chicken Pizza, No sauce but it doesn't need it. It's labeled as "Spicy" and they added just the right amount of Jalepeno. The chefs down in South know their stuff.
-Apple Cobbler, if you ignored the sketchy display it tasted quite good. Sally recommends soft-serve vanilla but 'Apple Pie Ice-cream' certainly did the trick.
-Maine Blackbear Icecream, bless those souls down at the dairybar, they keep churning out new and awesome flavors of ice-cream insanity. This had little dark-chocolate cups filled with berry goo. The vanilla icecream had ribbons of berry sauce in it. Fabulous with the addition of a cookie.

-Their alfredo, we've determined that alfredo outside of a restaurant/home is just a no go.
-Cakey Chocolate Chip Nut Bar, save your calories for the better stuff. The cake part was flavorless and kind of a funky texture. The chocolatey nuts were a plus.

Skip it:

-PAD THAI, just don't. Save this savory meal for the pros. We had high hope for South's execution but they fell way short. It was awkwardly chunky and they used like a weird combo of chili-paste and other spices. 
-Potato Skin, it was fried and confusing.

Have a saucy weekend!

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