Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dinner 9/23

I'm sad to report dinner tonight was an overall letdown. My friend Julia served as a replacement for Sally who is currently taking a math test.

Get Again,
-Canadian BLT pizza, I'm always willing to try the funky pizza varieties they throw at us, and I'm rarely disappointed. The canadian bacon, lettuce, tomato, and seasonings complimented each-other very well. It has my endorsement.

-Cornbread, I like my cornbread nice and moist, so I wasn't the biggest fan. *
-Chicken Pontalba w/Bernaise, It was kind of tough and all around unexceptional.*

*Although both these items individually are Mehhs, I put the chicken on top of the cornbread and BOOM. Delicious.

-Stuffed Shells, Julia says it's nothing to rave over. Although better than most of the other options tonight it was so-so.

Skip it:
-Peas with Pearl Onions, They were an odd texture, hard and not juicey enough. Also they drowned them in pepper which was a weird flavor combination. I have to give the pearl onions credit for being adorable though! Julia displayed her brilliance and mixed them with tomato sauce which salvaged the veg.

-Blackened Tofu w/ Bordelaise, Julia's a vegan and a tofu expert so when she says skip it, skip it. It had a peanut paste pellet thing on top which was one of the most unappetizing looking things Northwest has ever churned out.

-Rainbow Sherbert, I was so excited to see one of my all time favorite ice-cream flavors in the freezer but it was a major let down. It's resistance to be scooped should have been a warning sign! Rather than smooth and lovely, it was chunky and weird. If you've got a choice I'd get something else. Go for Moosetracks, you won't be disappointed.

Good Luck on Midterms!

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