Monday, September 28, 2009

Dinner 9/28

Dinner tonight, luckluster.

Get Again:
-Popcorn Shrimp, perfectly crunchy, and not too shrimpy in flavor (if that makes any sense). Nellie made a DIY caesar salad and threw those babies on top, DO ITTTTTTT
-Stuffing, Sal says it was a bit mushy but still good. It could have used some more crispiness but it's worth a scoop of.

-Grilled Apple and Ham Panini, this sandwich has potential to be awesome, but really, what's with the cinnamon raisin bread? That was a little too much to handle. The ham, apple, mustard, and cheese worked really well together, if only it was on wheat.
-Sweet Potatoes, they weren't as good as they normally are; they were left unfinished on the plate due to dryness.

A side-note: Where is the Red Velvet Cake?!? The website got our hopes up and then nothing. Not cool.

Song of the post: The Compromise by The Format

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Brunch Spectacular! 9/27

I love breakfast, a LOT. I'd go as far as to say it's my favorite meal of the day. Brunch is pretty awesome too, so here's our first review paying homage to the food of the AM.

Get Again:
-Egg & Cheese on an English Muffin w/ Sausage, My prayers have been answered! The dining hall has finally recognized us breakfast sandwich lovers, especially those that venerate the brilliance that is the sausage, egg, and cheese. Okay, I know that I'm hyping this up a bit, but seriously, that was a wonderfully made breakfast sandwich.

-Buttermilk Pancake, Northwest's pancakes are all around solid. Throw some syrup and strawberries on that baby and you may overdose in awesome.

-Coffee, A heated topic amongst drinkers, whether or not the dining hall's coffee is 'good'. I for one am a fan of the Colombian blend with some splenda and Vanilla Rice Milk* in it. Also my roommate Morgan endorses the Vanilla Cappuccino from the Hot Chocolate Machine, take caution though because it's richness is not suited for the faint of taste.
*Okay, I know what you're thinking: Rice Milk? Don't judge it until you've tried it, Julia my veggie expert turned me on to it and now I won't drink coffee without it!

Skip it:
-Blueberry Stuffed French Toast, Hayley described it as tasty for the first two bites, then rather unpleasant after that.

New Feature! Song of the post:
'Life's a Song' by Patrick Park

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dinner 9/23

I'm sad to report dinner tonight was an overall letdown. My friend Julia served as a replacement for Sally who is currently taking a math test.

Get Again,
-Canadian BLT pizza, I'm always willing to try the funky pizza varieties they throw at us, and I'm rarely disappointed. The canadian bacon, lettuce, tomato, and seasonings complimented each-other very well. It has my endorsement.

-Cornbread, I like my cornbread nice and moist, so I wasn't the biggest fan. *
-Chicken Pontalba w/Bernaise, It was kind of tough and all around unexceptional.*

*Although both these items individually are Mehhs, I put the chicken on top of the cornbread and BOOM. Delicious.

-Stuffed Shells, Julia says it's nothing to rave over. Although better than most of the other options tonight it was so-so.

Skip it:
-Peas with Pearl Onions, They were an odd texture, hard and not juicey enough. Also they drowned them in pepper which was a weird flavor combination. I have to give the pearl onions credit for being adorable though! Julia displayed her brilliance and mixed them with tomato sauce which salvaged the veg.

-Blackened Tofu w/ Bordelaise, Julia's a vegan and a tofu expert so when she says skip it, skip it. It had a peanut paste pellet thing on top which was one of the most unappetizing looking things Northwest has ever churned out.

-Rainbow Sherbert, I was so excited to see one of my all time favorite ice-cream flavors in the freezer but it was a major let down. It's resistance to be scooped should have been a warning sign! Rather than smooth and lovely, it was chunky and weird. If you've got a choice I'd get something else. Go for Moosetracks, you won't be disappointed.

Good Luck on Midterms!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

iViva la noche de Mexicana! Cena 9/22

Whoever decided to theme dinner tonight as Mexican deserves to be kissed.

Get Again:
-Steak Taco, Although there is a .01% of you successfully eating this like a taco without making a mess, there's a 99.99% chance you'll love it. I say embrace the sloppy and just deconstruct the taco then scoop it onto a tortilla chip. And if you've never tried a taco with guac on it, it's about time you do. The steak itself was well seasoned and delicious in it's own regard. iMe encanta!
-Grilled Ham, Swiss, and Pepper Sandwich, It was genius. The flavors melted together beautifully and there must be some catch to that bread, because it is too good. My compliments to the chef.
-Chocolate Eclair, Not only did they look pretty but those eclairs were damn good. Fluffy pastry, smooth creamy filling, and delectably gooey chocolate were/always are a winning combination.

-Roasted Potatoes, the skin was tough and although crispy it was hard to cut through. Not horrible, but not warranting reward.

Goodnight & Goodluck.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Triumphant Return to Northwest: Dinner 9/20

Get again:
-Mexican Burger, A well done burger topped with pepperjack, tortilla chips, and salsa, it was caaaalllliiieeennnttteeee. (Not in the spicy department but in the awesome category). The tortilla added a really lovely crunch and the pepperjack proved why it's my favorite cheese. Bravo Northwest, I'm a believer.
-XTreme Black Pepper Fries, I'm not sure what's so XTreme about
them, but they're still tasty. Nice thickness and crunch, but personally I would have appreciate more flavor. A solid fry though and worth a quarter o' yo' plate.
-SUNDAE BAR, I'm still in a good mood from the sundae I made for dessert. An icecream lovers paradise with your choice of oreo crumble, butterfinger bits, nuts, chocolate chips, nuts, rainbow sprinkles, hot fudge, whipped cream, and my personal favorite marciano cherries. Beautiful, simply beautiful.

Skip it:
-Apple Fritter, Sally tried it and believes it's not up to our high dessert standard.

Good Luck with your Monday!
PS Enjoy this oddity found:

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Call off the searchparty! We've found the hipsters-

I'd(Nellie) like to officially welcome Sunshine as a guest judge for today's dose of culinary critique. We confess we didn't eat at Northwest, sue us, we couldn't resist the draw of testing out Whitney's locally grown cuisine. Although it had a limited selection, what it had was quite satisfying. What stole the show however was the atmosphere.

The diners of Whitney were unlike any UConn student's we've seen. The girls looked straight out of a thrift store, with effortless vintage style. You could taste the intelligent conversation in the air. At one table a guy nodded his head to the beat of the song his ducttaped headfones was playing as he spooned organic soup in his mouth, at another table a girl was munching on some carrots whilst reading a book that appeared to have had much use. The walls were adorned with heartwarming quotes about food and enviornment, the perfect snapshot into the style of dining that Whitney offers.

And now to the feature attraction, the food rating:

Get Agains:
-The Cucumber Water, perfectly brewed claims Sunshine. Although skeptical at first to a juiced vegetable this soda alternative maintained a perfect balance between bitter and sweet, simply refreshing.
-Organic Peanut Butter Cookies, Sunshine had five if that is any indication of their deliciousness. Perfectly chewy, and the peanut added a welcome crunch; throw some vanilla ice-cream on that baby and you're in heaven.

-Pork Fajita, The pork itself was tough and inspired several an awkward 'I can't bite through this peice of meat and it's making a bridge from the tortilla to my teeth' moment. The flavors were alright but it could of used some more peppers and onions. Come on UConn, we can handle the heat!
-Organic White Rice, the epitome of the Mehhh category. Wasn't exceptional, wasn't memorable, it's rice.

Skip it:
-Peaches, Oh dear lord I've never been harmed by a fruit before. These were guileful fruit, appearing to be ripe and wonderful but in actuality broke your teeth and violated your gums. Save yourself the trouble and grab a banana instead
-Celery, Nellie ate the most bizarre piece of celery in the history of the world. I don't know if this is even possible but it was like they soaked it in cinnamon water or something beforehand. It was puzzling and disturbing.

Don't let this seemingly innocent peach deceive you, it's out for blood.

We promise to return to Northwest tomorrow!!
Stay Classy.

Friday, September 18, 2009

**Cheated, went to South for Lunch 9/18

          Okay, so today we treated ourselves and went to South, sorry. Anywhoo while we were there we had lots of wonderful food, so much so, the walk back was a little rough.

Get Again:
-Kielbasa, Sally says the sauce was orgasmic. For those of you who have no idea what this is (Nellie for one) it's a polish sausage which they served in a tangy, savory sauce. Almost barbecuey but really sweet and delicious. Go back for seconds worthy.
-The Beef and Pepperjack Sandwich: AMAZING. It made me(Nellie) happy to be alive. Here's the lowdown it's Roast Beef, Pepperjack Cheese, and Tomato all melted together between crispy bread. A truly beautiful sandwich
-Southwest's Chicken Pizza, No sauce but it doesn't need it. It's labeled as "Spicy" and they added just the right amount of Jalepeno. The chefs down in South know their stuff.
-Apple Cobbler, if you ignored the sketchy display it tasted quite good. Sally recommends soft-serve vanilla but 'Apple Pie Ice-cream' certainly did the trick.
-Maine Blackbear Icecream, bless those souls down at the dairybar, they keep churning out new and awesome flavors of ice-cream insanity. This had little dark-chocolate cups filled with berry goo. The vanilla icecream had ribbons of berry sauce in it. Fabulous with the addition of a cookie.

-Their alfredo, we've determined that alfredo outside of a restaurant/home is just a no go.
-Cakey Chocolate Chip Nut Bar, save your calories for the better stuff. The cake part was flavorless and kind of a funky texture. The chocolatey nuts were a plus.

Skip it:

-PAD THAI, just don't. Save this savory meal for the pros. We had high hope for South's execution but they fell way short. It was awkwardly chunky and they used like a weird combo of chili-paste and other spices. 
-Potato Skin, it was fried and confusing.

Have a saucy weekend!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dinner 9/17

Get again:
-FRENCH ONION SOUP, add the cheese on the side and if you're brilliant like Nellie find the Italian bread from the pasta table and rip it up and throw it in!
-Apple Cobbler, a la mode if possible, as always.
-The cherry tomatoes are freakishly good here. Throw some on your plate, if just to appear health conscious.

-Alfredo Sauce on Linguine, kinda clumpy, but hey, it's cheese sauce people.

Skip it:
-'Italian Chicken' Soaked in marinara sauce it was nothing special

First Post!


Lunch Today, Rating:
Sally Recommends:
The fried chicken

In the future Nellie would avoid:
The strawberry creme cake

The Office was HILARIOUS tonight fyi