Thursday, October 1, 2009

Awesome Lunch with a side of Worst Dinner Ever. 10/1

So Sally had a very lovely Mexican fiesta for lunch today. Ate so much she was not even the slightest bit hungry until 6:30...success. While, Nellie absolutely loathed the dinner selection tonight.

Get Again:
-The mini chicken burritos. HEAVENNNNN! It is true that good things come in small packages. Throw a lil guac on that, good to go.
-Cranberry Apple Crisp (a la mode, as always). Just a word of advice, anything in the dining hall that is warm with the word "crisp" in it, deserves a spot on your plate. Absolute perfection (Nellie).
-Roasted Garlic Bread, simply delicious. Nothing garlicly about it but it was just really buttery and crunchy and gooood.
-The potatoes of the sausage and potatoes. Those little starchy buggers were splendid. Crunchy on the outside, moist on the inside, they have my blessing.

-The fajita vegetales were not as exciting as one would think.
-Everything on Nellie's plate was a mehhh to her, espeially the Italian Encrusted Tender. Booo. Not entirely sure what kind of a meat it was, but if your seeking some protein, it'll do.

Skip It:
-Whatever random pasta they threw together and put in the comfort line. Maybe we went to the d-hall at the wrong time (7:10!) but the selection offered was horrendous. Making the preliminary lap around left me wondering if I wanted anything. The pasta was just lame. I tried adding the sausage of the potatoes with sausage (which was nothing special either) to spice it up, which was no help.
-Fat-free Raspberry Swirl Ice-cream, For the record the only reason I tried this god-awful flavor was because there was literally no other desserts available. It's been a long week of exams and cold winds and all I wanted was something tasty for dessert. That's all. I wasn't asking for much. Something. And all there was, was fat-free ice-cream. Imagine my disappointment. Yeah, don't do it. Each spoonful increased my resentment. Tisk, tisk, tiskkkk.

Happy October!
PS. We're loving the festive fall decorations that keep popping up!

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