Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dinner 12/2

Not much to report on today, but we must make up for lost time and blog away... Hit dinner early tonight so we didn't have too too much to choose from, but we found good stuff nonetheless.

Get Again:
-The burger was very well done tonight, topped with pickle slices (awesome), a little onion, and ketchup (no BBQ sauce, but this was a nice change) it was a lovely choice with a trusty old friend.
-The mexi-fries were the best they have ever been. Period.
-The fajita chicken pizza was a surprising hit! Very tasty :)
-Veggies were spot-on tonight, excellent selection and very fresh.
-The ice cream was a dream to scoop tonight, such a good decision going back for a little!
-Mike Zakko claims the "shark" wrap was out of this world amazing, but I'm not so sure... I'll take his word for it.

No real Mehhs or Skip Its tonight, we played it pretty safe.

After some research, it has been determined that the reason we've been subjected to plastic silverware and paper plates is because the dishwasher is broken and it will cost more than $10,000 to fix it, therefore dining services has to place a bid. Apparently we will be using the disposable dishware for quite a bit longer, with the expectation of it not being fixed until after break. Besides the disgusting fact that we are slaughtering the environment, it is insanely annoying to use these disposables. Henceforth from now until the day that order is reestablished, we will be posting an inconvenience of the day regarding the disposable situation. Today's is:
-Have you ever tried eating a salad with a plastic fork? It's a losing battle.

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