Monday, November 30, 2009

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Northwest travels back to the Middle Ages!

So, let's just call a spade, a spade, we're lazy. We got a little sidetracked for the last ohh, 30 days or so. Anyhoo, Northwest is back and it's better than ever! The dining hall was transformed for a Middle Ages themed feast.

Paintings of castles, trees, and dragooooons adorned the windows, and torches hung from the walls. The main walkway was lined with flags of spirit, and the walls with posters with the Code of Knights. They even cleared out a whole section of tables and set up thrones for the King and Queen of ye ol' hall. We have to give a shout-out to the awesome staff, we could tell that some of the younger members were less than enthused to be wearing the silly outfits of Middle Ages, but you still did. Thanks, it made our week. Now on to the main attraction, the feast:

Get Again:

-Wild Boar(Pork) with Gravy, Moist and well seasoned with 5 star gravy, just spot on. I added some of the apple sauce that was offered, which was a lovely touch.

-Salisbury Steak, Can I get a YUM YUM?! Bravo, it was juicy, and crumbled in the best way possible. Nicely seasoned as well. Ya hear that Melody? Actual, Salisbury Steak.

-Those homemade chips from the grille, Delectable. Not too salty, only a hint of flavor. One fell in my Boar Gravy which was quite a lovely surprise of tasty.

-Apple and Barley Pilaf, We were being adventurous in the sake of research and were pleasantly surprised as to how scrum-didly-um-scious that was. We'd definitely get it again.


-Roasted Gourds, Not a fan of the turnips or parsnips. Ahh, it was so-so.

Skip It:

-Turkey Drumstick, Sunshine got it for the spirit of the middle ages, but besides the appeal of feeling like a barbarian, it really brought nothing to the table.

-Bread Pudding, It's currently sitting in my trash, just sayin'. Slimy.

-The Flat Rootbeer Soda, REALLY, thats the third flippin time the soda's been flat within a week! GROSS! Flat Sprite was bearable (Okay, I'll admit I enjoyed it), but Rootbeer NEEDS carbonation.

And now, we'd like to address how livid we are at the fact that we've been using, and wasting paper plates and plastic utensils for over 2 weeks now. Seriously? We understand that the washing machine broke, but does it really take more than 14 days to fix it? There appears to be no recycling going on either, which makes it truly unacceptable. Any positive effect ECO-Madness could have had, has been canceled out, AND THEN SOME, by this travesty against the planet. Good-day sir, I SAID GOOD-DAY!

Man, it's good to be back. Word to yo' motha'

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