Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Just in case you've forgotten.

Hello loyal readers!
I know we suck. We haven't posted since the ice-age blah blah blah, sorry. Life happens.

Anywhoo, we just need to take the time to reiterate this just in case we didn't make it perfectly clear enough last time....Never,
NEVER, NEVER order Chinese Food from Phoenix.
{What did you say?} {Penis?} {Huh?}

You will be left staring at your food wondering where, god where, the FDA is hiding, left with
$10 less in your wallet, and a hell of a stomach ache if you braved the disturbingly brain resembling "Chow Mein".

With this public service announcement out of the way Nellie and Sally are pleased to announce our first contest! Whoever can provide us with the name, menu, and location of more than just bearable chinese restaurant (take-out is, as always, preferred) in the Storrs/Mansfield area will win our everlasting adoration and an undisclosed cash prize! Entries will be accepted from October 5th 2010 until whenever the hell we graduate. Rules may vary*, must be 18 years or older to enter, void where prohibited. Good luck!

*Changs does NOT count. We are unimpressed.

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