Thursday, January 21, 2010

We're BaaaaAAaackk!

Hello universe! We are ever so happy to be back on campus and our reunion with the Northwest dining hall has been a joyous one. We're going to smush together some various review from the past week. Bon Appetit!

Get Again:
-Tonight's Chicken Parm: The lightly breaded chicken was spicy and moist with the perfect proportion of sauce and cheese on top, delectable.

-Grilled Cheese w/ Tomato soup: Believe it or not, up until now I've never dabbled in this beautiful flavor combination (Most likely to blame was was my 16-year fear of soup) but boy, it sure is tasty! I'm a big fan of Northwest's grilled cheese--crunchy, melty, buttery--basically all things good in this world. The tomato soup was the perfect consistency, not to thick, nor to watery.

-Turkey Sandwich from yesterday's lunch comfort line: Surprisingly delicious. It was on a different kind of roll than normal, almost challah like. It consisted of turkey, honey mustard, and some melted prov--really quite delicious. 3/3 people at my table ate it in it's entirety. Bravo.

-Dumplings with Bacon and Onions: Synonymous with a good ole fashioned pierogi, those bad boys were the tastiest things I've had all week! Basically for all of our noncultured followers (it's okay I still love you) it's like a dumpling that's filled with mashed potatoes and a little cheese with bacon bits and onion on top. Amazing right? They are little dew drops that floated down from heaven.

-Creme Puffs: Nothing brings a smile to a flogger's (my new term for food-blogger) face quite like a creme puff does. The crust was fluffy and crunchy without that dreaded stale taste. Half of the fun of the dessert is battling gravity to keep the giant creme blob that emerges from hitting the floor. The only improvement I'd like to see is the creme a little smoother.


-Penne with Broccoli, Canadian Bacon & a lil' Alfredo Sauce: The definition of mehh. My mom does is waaaaaay better. Some of the broccoli was awkwardly mushy, just sayin'

Skip it:

-Whatever excuse they tried to pawn off as a double cheeseburger: Tsk tsk tsk Northwest, you can't leave it that rare. If Zakko gets E.Coli we know the source.
Not cool, not cool.

We're starting a new segment here on SNEN called scary food of the day. Basically one of us is forced to try at least one food a day that looks unappetizing to us, or downright scary. Being that Sally just got her wisdom teeth out, I'm giving her a break and taking the bullet for the first week. So far here's the food I've braved:

-Pork Cutlet of last night's dinner: Now normally I'm a huge fan of pork cutlets, but these guys simply lacked any aesthetic appeal. Thankfully what they lacked in looks they made up for in taste. Perfectly moist, with a zesty crust, it made it a good experience for all.

-Vegetable Stir Fry with Tofu: This was potentially the ugliest dish I've ever seen in the dining hall, looking like a can of spinach was on a cruise ship with some red pepper bits baby corn and some other unidentifiable veggies when it hit an iceberg and sank and they all washed up on shore. I swear the tofu moved on it's own. When I finally mustered up the courge to try it I was pleasantly surprised to how fine it was. It was nothing extraordinary, but hey, it's vegan.

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